Friday, 25 March 2011


It's my official barkday today, I'm 5 years old now.
She who thinks she must be obeyed hasn't been feeling too good this week. She has a wet leaky nose and is making lots of sneezy type noises making me jump almost out of my skin, so we haven't been doing very much except feel sorry for ourselves this week. (This is her excuse for not showing you the pictures we took on Sunday of our walk we did instead of going to the show but I wont let her get away with it).
Anyway she dragged herself out of her pit long enough to take me for a barkday walk with Scrappy and Woo. Here we all are across the field.

Me and Woo.

Scappy and Woo,
Scappy did actually get let off the lead briefly today, but he got on a rabbity scent and was only caught again as he was trying to bite his way through a sheep fence which he luckily coudn't get under!
Woo on her own

This is actually quite a sad walk as it is probably the last one we will all do together as Auntie Jo has to move and she can't take Scrappy and Woo with her so they have to find new homes, it's too sad to think about and we are all very upset about it.

Auntie Sue who runs our dog club which I can't get to anymore phoned up today and told us about an event they are holding on April 3rd for all the doggie survivors of the Tsunami in Japan. Apparently us dogs managed to survive a lot better than you humans and so there are lots of us who have no humans now. Hopefully I will be able to persuade someone to take us, I can't imagine losing my human for any reason.


ra husky said...

wooooos! happy barkday! Pawty like a rock star!!

RA & Isis

Blue said...

Thankyou Ra & Isis

ForPetsSake said...

Happy Barkday to you, Finn!! You're a year older than my Nyxie :)

It's a bit bittersweet with knowing your friends will be separated. I hope they can find a home together?

ForPetsSake said...

oops- and I hope mom feels better very soon!

Anna the GSD said...

Happy b'day and I hope your friends can stay together! :(

Janine said...

Happy belated barkday from us!