Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Hunt For The Splash Monster

Finn is determined to find the Splash Monster after he escaped from the mudhole in the previous post.
Is he here?
Mum, Is he here?

I'm sure he is Mum.

Mum, he's getting away!
If anyone sees a Splash Monster, could you please let Finn know?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mud Puppy

A walk is just not a walk if you can't get wet and muddy

I think the splash monster got away today, but Finn will be hot on his trail next time!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sguidgy Blue Ball

Finn loves exersizing his jaws on a nice sguidgy ball.

Oh bliss!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Visit From Tansy

Finn was fast asleep this evening ,fed up with throwing balls at me to throw for him while I was trying to watch telly. (Yes I know it's very boring of me to expect to be able to sit in peace for a few minutes). There was a knock at the door and who should walk in but Beryl with Finn's most favorite girlfriend Tansy.
Tansy is an Australian Shepherd. She's very pretty isn't she?
I think she is about a month older than Finn, and she has been Finn's friend since they were pups.
Although they do play a bit rough sometimes.

Beryl had a biscuit, so play stopped to help her eat it.

All this playing is very tiring.

But it just has to be done!
Finn doesn't see his friends very often now we have to walk everywhere as they all live quite far away, so he was very sad when she went home.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Finn's first bus ride

Sorry I haven't written anything for a while, it's not that Finn hasn't had any adventures lately, it's just that without a car they have all been the same adventure!
I'm quite enjoying walking everywhere, you get to talk to people more and appreciate your surroundings more. Before I'd just jump in the car and we'd go off somewhere safe that I already knew for a walk but now finding our local footpaths that I never bothered with before, but Finn is missing his old walks so yesterday we WENT ON A BUS to Patch.
It was the first time he's been on a bus, it's a bit of a risky business as it's entirely left to the drivers discretion as to whether a dog is allowed on or not so I didn't want to go further than I could walk back! The usual bus goes along the main road to Cardigan, but on a Tuesday and Thursday there is a small one which goes the back way via Patch. It comes about 5 minutes before the regular one. The driver took one look at Finn (who was sitting quietly at heel) and said 'The bigger one will be along in a minute', but he let us on and Finn made friends with the little old lady on the seat next to us. There were afew anxious moment towards the end of the journey when I hoped he wouldn't be sick! ( It was a very bumpy bus) Thankfully he wasn't.
He was really pleased to be at his favorite beach again and jumped straight in the river for a swim.

'Hurry up Mum'

Ther was a big cave........

With monsters in!
We spent an hour on the beach, then started the 7 mile walk home. I didn't want to upset anyone by taking a wet, sandy dog on the bus and maybe spoiling our chances of being allowed on again.
About halfway home we met a herd of bullocks coming up the road towards us, apparently they had broken out of their field, so Finn felt very important when he helped put them back.

It took about 21/2 hours to get home and Finn slept all evening!
Hope you're feeling better Max.