Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Dog's Day Out 2

If you click on the following link http://www.louismilburn.co.uk/Wales_Photographer.php?Action=Home there are a load of pictures the poffessional photographer took on Sunday, not just Finn, but the whole show_ well the agility bit anyway. When you're on his site click on the Burns agility box.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Dog's Day Out

Finn went to Pembrey on Sunday for A Dog's Day Out, it was a fantastic show with lot's going on apart from the Agility. We had 3 runs. Beryl videod the first one for us, But unfortunately I didn't manage to get anyone to do the other 2. Anyway here's the one that got caught on camera!

Our 2nd run was much better, we were clear! Unfortunately we were 1 second out of time so it didn't count, but it was our first ever round without any faults and I was SO proud of him.

The 3rd run was a tunnel challenge. As we've never done one of these before we didn't know what to expect. There were 16 obstacles 13 of which were tunnels with a jump at the beginning, middle and end. They were set out at angles and we had to do them in the correct order and enter at the right end. We flew! Finn really enjoyed himself and didn't put a paw wrong, as we finished everyone cheered! Finn stopped and looked up as if he thought 'They're cheering ME!'
We came 17th out of a class of about 200! And got our very first Agility rosette. I was VERY proud of my little man.

We met Ann and Peter, Peter had won first prize in the Best Trick class in the dog show . Here he is showing us how clever he is. He puts 3 balls into 3 cups in order.

And here he is playing with Finn. Can you tell who is who?

There were lots of displays in the main arena. There was a display of Carriage dogs.

Cheshire Dog Display team gave an absolutely unfollowable display with dogs climbing stepladders, retrieving flaming dumbells and jumping throug hoops of fire.

I felt really sorry for the search and rescue team who followed them, they gave a good display,but it was nothing like as spectacular as the previous one.
Ther was a display of Newfoundlands, an obedience display and lots more that we didn't have time to watch.
There was also a Cani-x event being held were you run with your dog, there were the dog olympics, but we didn't see those so we can't say what was involved.

There were lots of stalls selling things for doggy charities, the Dogs Trust was there and you could get your dog microchipped there.

Just before we went home they had the presentation for the Tunnel Challenge when Finn got presented with his rosette.
This is Finn with his very first Rosette! He's very proud of himself. I'm very proud of him aswell and bought him a big bone as a reward for being a good boy.

The Smudge cat tried to steal my big bone reward!

Monday, 21 September 2009

misty morning walk

As we've been having some really beautiful misty autumn mornings we've started having long walks across the fields looking for mushrooms (we've found 5!) before breakfast, well it's no good getting them after breakfast is it? Here are some pictures we took one morning last week.

What are these ? Do Fairies have net curtains?

Who's walking across our field?

It's alright, it's only Finn