Saturday, 31 October 2009

Photo of the week

tadpole, originally uploaded by finnandblue.

This week has been spent clearing the leaves from this little fella's home, there was only about 2'' of water above all the debris

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tara cat is going a bit senile. She must be getting on for 15 and spends most of the day sitting in the middle of the road,expecting cars to go round her! When she's not doing this she's either playing dead sleeping in nextdoors garden and upsetting all the local children or visiting the neighbours pretending to be starving.
A couple of months ago she found some new people to feed her and I had to keep dragging her back home hissing and spitting. Then instead of coming in 3 times a day for food she started coming home about once or twice a week until last week when I didn't see her at all. I wasn't really worried because she often disappears for a week or so and I know she has lots of places she goes for food.
Anyway I was talking to a friend this afternoon and she happened to mention that there was an ad in the local paper saying a thin black and white cat had been found IN OUR ROAD. I found the number and it was the local branch of the R.S.P.C.A! When I phoned up I was told she was with one of their fosterers about 20 miles away and when could I go and get her. I was a little bit annoyed to say the least, not only I haven't got a car, but my cat had been catnapped from the road she was born in by some do gooder who couldn't even bother to ask if anyone knew where she lived. She was taken to the local vet (who thought she was about 1 year old and couldn't even tell whether she was male or female) and vaccinated. then whisked away to a strange house with lots of strange cats (she's not very sociable)and put in a cage which she hated. When I got there she had been liberated from the cage and was hiding in a corner, she came out purring when I called her and since she's been home she's not moved from the top of the carrycase she came home in, except to have a bowl of food and a saucer of milk.

I know she is a small cat, but her coat is shiny and she's not bony, I know she spends most of her time outside, that's where she's happy. The road is her territory and she's staked her claim on it for the last 14_15 years, why can't people mind there own business and let her get on with hers? I'm scared to let her out now and she's going to go mad if I don't!
Thankyou Joanne for taking me to get her back. She might be a bit of a grump indoors but we missed her when she wasn't here.

My Bed pt. 2

Finn doesn't like his new bed and refuses to get in it.

But Smudge has taken to it.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

My New Bed

Finn has been given a new bed, he's not too sure about it yet, he usually prefers to sleep on the floor. or his half of the sofa.

What's this?

Am I meant to fit into THIS?

It's a bit small

Monday, 12 October 2009

A Walk to the Horses

Here are some pictures from our walk today.

The road into Aberporth.

I'm a Soggy Doggy

I like surfin'

Seaweed tossin'

What a view

Aberporth beach from the green
It's really good now, we can go on both beaches now the holidaymakers have gone home

From the cliffpath

Why can't I go in the pond

My friends, Sara and Imshi

Sunday, 4 October 2009


My big reward bone is sooo tasty.

I'm sooo glad Smudge didn't steal it.