Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Disappointed dog..... and human!

Finn was very excited today, Beryl brought Tansy over to do some training together, ready for Brecon Show on Saturday. we got ALL the equipment out and made a proper course. Here is a sketch of the course we used, 1,5,6,8,9,10,11&13 are jumps, 2 is a long jump, 3 is the seesaw, 4 is a tunnel and 7 &12 are weaving poles.
We spent almost an hour practicing and had lots of fun running and jumping and barking and generally giving the neighbours a bit of entertainment. It would be lovely if some of them would bring their dogs to have a go as well instead of just saying 'Isn't he clever, mine would never do that!' We did the course twice in both directions, changed it a bit and did a bit more until both dogs had had enough then after we put every thing away went in for a drink.

Beryl had just left when the phone rang it was the show secretary to say the show has been cancelled because the ground is waterlogged. We are both really disappointed.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Search for the Splash Monster continues

We went on another Splash Monster hunt, on the way Finn found a new friend called Scrappy. No Finn this is NOT the Splash Monster.

We found an old wellyboot someone has lost and Finn demonstrated what he will do when he finds the SplashMonster,

Is he here?
This is the perfect place fora Spalsh Monster to hideout.

A walk just isn't a walk if you don't get wet and muddy!

Do you think someone should tell Finn that the reason he can't find the Splash Monster is because it might be him all the time!
( sorry about the quality of the last video, te batteries were getting low).

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Medieval Day

It was Medieval Day in Cardigan today. There was a parade through the town to the Castle, ( there were stalls and displays of ancient crafts.

My neighbours Andrea and Buddy are Sandwitch, they were playing at the entrance, and were also in a display of Morris dancing, unfortunately I went home before they were on. Sorry Andrea!

The Mayor of cardigan was wandering round talking to everyone

The Wizard cast a spellon us_ I hope it wasn't a curse!

These two characters were pushing an apothecary's cart round and were 'curing' anyone unwise enough to admit to any ailments.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Bravery Award

Finn would like to award Anya, the police G.S.D. on the news tonight , a big, bright, shiny bravery award.
Although she was stabbed she managed to save her handler who was also stabbed. Finn knows she was doing her job and has had special training but he still thinks she was very brave and I think he's fallen inlove with her, but don't tell anyone or he'll get embarrassed!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Agility training

Finn's getting excited, Beryl has very kindly offered to take us to a few shows next month, so we thought we ought to do a bit of training before we go! We haven't mnaged to get to dog club since we lost the car.

Tony, a friend who lives a few doors away took this video.

I think we need A LOT of practice!

Monday, 13 July 2009

A Rainy Day

It was raining today so we did some indoor things like playing catch with my squidgy ball.

And playing Find It with the squidgy ball.

And then it stopped raining and we went outside to play ball with the new(ish) ball throwy thing. It throws them everso far! We do this most evenings after dinner, it keeps Her Who Thinks She's In Charge amused for five minutes, but it's really quite tiring and I take her back in as soon as I think I can get away with it!

And then I settle down with Smudge for a nice relaxing evening while She Who Thinks She's In Charge goes off to write all about it for all my friends to read. Thank goodness Tara wasn't about or it wouldn't have been so peaceful. I don't know who invented the saying 'fighting like dogs and cats' it should be fighting like Tara and Smudge!


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

On The Beach Again.

The weather has been so hot lately there's only one thing to do! So we went to Aberporth beach again this afternoon. Finn spent all his time swimming in the sea. We're really lucky here because there are two beaches at Aberporth, on the smaller one, dogs are banned from May to September but they are allowed on the bigger one all year round. Further along the coast at Tresaith they are only allowed on half the beach in the summer and further along still at Penbryn they are banned altogether in the summer, but there is a good walk round the woods between the carpark andthe beach. I still haven't done the cliffpath fom Penbryn to Tresaith, it's a bit of a long walk when it's too hot, but there is a special walkers bus which runs twice a day during the summer which just happens to be driven by one of our neighbours, so maybe when the weather cools off a bit we will explore a bit further along the coast.

He does love the water!