Sunday, 2 November 2008

Training Days

Finn had a busy weekend this week. Yesterday we went to Carole at Aricia dog training for another working trials lesson.

On the way we stopped at Nant yr Arian again for to let off a bit of steam.

Before we left I gave Finn a good brush to make him look really smart, but you can see how he thinks he looks really cool!

We started off with a bit of obedience, which we have been practicing quite a lot and I thought he was getting better at, but concentration was at zero for the heelwork so we have to do more of that for homework! However the bits he wasn't so good at last time, like the retrieving and the search square he was quite enthusiastic about this time. When we went on to the agility bit he got up to 8 foot long jump, and just one section off the full height for the scale which he seems to have got the idea about now, so I was really pleased with him.

On the way home we stopped for a quick walk at Ellesmere to let him unwind. Unfortunately the walk along the Mere is fenced off while they are doing some work there, so we had to content ourslves with a walk around Castle hill. We found a nature Reserve on the way back to the car, but as the sun was setting by this time we decided to explore there another time.

Today we had a training day at Cantref Gwaeodd our local agility club. We had Lee Gibson from come to train us. We started at 9a.m. and were split into 3 groups each working for 2 hours while those not working watched. His methods were quite different from anything we had done before and it was interesting how quickly the dogs adapted, quicker in fact than most of the handlers! We are looking forward to putting his ideas into practice at club on Tuesday to see how much has actually sunk in!

During the lunch break we had a quick walk around the local woods to relax then Finn went to sleep in the car while I watched the last group working.