Monday, 16 March 2009

Pen Peles to Dead Mans Gulch

We found a lovely new walk on Saturday. It started out as a road walk round some of the quieter country lanes near us, but we soon discovered a new footpath sign. The path went across this bridge and along the side of thies newly sown field. Finn was on his long tracking lead and he knows the command 'Path' telling him not to stray onto cultivated fields.

We eventually arrived at the coast path, which they were opening up last year, but we have never walked this section before.

'Look at the view Mum' ' Thirsty work all this walking'

The rocks in the background are a favorite place for seals to come out of the water and bask in the sun. There used to be another path going down to them and I used to go there quite often to watch the seals. I swear they used to come and peoplewatch because there used to be a row of people on the cliffs watching the seals and a row of little grey heads in the water watching the cliffs! They didn't like dogs barking. There is a cavern under the cliffs where they come to breed and at the right time of year you can hear them roaring. It sounds really scary echoing through the rocks.

Looking down onto the rocks below

Looking down to Dead Mans Gulch. Local legend has it that this cove was used by smugglers in the past.

Looking along the valley leading down to Dead Mans Gulch.
From here the path goes inland as the M.O.D. test range of Aberporth is in the way. It leads into fields and comes out on the road near my house. I don't go in these fields very often as there are sometimes cattle with big horns in them and several fields join into each other so you can't tell if you are going to meet them or not! Luckily for us the fields were empty, after 3 hours walking I didn't feel like turning round and going all the way back!
Finn slept well that night!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Gwaum Valley

I've just discovered how to use a different photo programe which I have been playing about with. Here are some photos I took back in November in the Gwaum Valley,

Under The Old Oak Tree

Who says dogs don't climb trees?

All that space to run and they just stand about eating!

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Finn loves helping me do the housework, in fact he has to help me do any job I want to get done as quickly as possible. The trouble is everything he helps with takes twice as long! He particularly likes hoovering and gets excited as soon as I plug the cleaner in. If I'm really in a hurry we practice our sit stays at the same time. I make him sit outsde he room while I hoover the foor.

He can be a good boy if he tries really hard!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Finn's world has suddenly got a lot smaller. We haven't got a car anymore, so this week we've had to WALK everywhere. At the moment we can't get to dog training or any of our favorite walks, Finn can't understand it and my legs ACHE! Luckily we don't live too far from the beach or some woods so life isn't too bad, but it does get a bit boring going to the same places every day.

Because I haven't got a car now, I can't get to work, so we should have time to do some fun things, and lots of training. The thought of that has tired Finn out, he's fast asleep at my feet as I write this.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Carmarthen Show

Finn went to an obedience show in Carmarthen last Sunday. He prefers agility it's much more FUN, but he didn't do too badly. When we went to the same show 2 years ago we were the ones who made everyone else feel really good!I DIDN'T DARE GO LAST YEAR! IWe nearly didn't bother this year either but we're glad we did.
Our best class was the intermediate. It was the first one we did and after he'd done it once what was the point of doing it allover again!
This was just before he broke his stay to follow me on the recall. We lost 5 marks for that.

WE lost 2 1/2 makks on our heelwork on lead and 3 on the off lead section

He did an almost perfect retrieve, but lost 1 mark for sitting crooked.
Iwas particularly pleased with his stays (1min.sit and 2 mins. down) as the steward was standing directly between us so it was almost an out of sight stay!

The winners of the advanced class, Finn's friend Peter was 5th. Welldone Peter,(and Ann)