Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Finn had a show on Sunday, at Moor Farm near Haverfordwest. We haven't got any photos because I left the camera behind, but he enjoyed himself so much I'm glad there's no evidence to prove it!

Beryl picked us up at 7 o'clock in the morning and we arrived in plenty of time to have a stretch before we walked the coarse. Finn was SO excited, there was lots of pee-mail to catch up on round the exercise area and he really didn't want to wait in the car while I walked the coarse. It was a very nice coarse and we were due to run 8th. The weavy poles were obstacle no 3 and we were eliminated before we got there! He went through the 12 poles like greased lightening and then managed to get eliminated another 6 times before the end of the coarse! Everyone loved him!

After this I took him back to the exercise area and we had a lovely walk around the fields, there was a stream, lots of mud and a pond which I didn't see until I heard a splash! (Have I mentioned in previous posts that Finn is part Warthog?). There was a horsey cross country coarse and Finn tried some of the horse jumps out to see if they were safe for the horses. and some little paths leading through woody places.

By the time we got back to the car they were setting the 2nd coarse, circular jumping. Again it was a lovely, flowing coarse and I came up with Plan B- to run round as fast as I could, ignoring my dog as much as he ignored me in the last one! It worked in as much as he went round the proper coarse, but we got the record for the number of faults (50) acquired without being eliminated! We left 2 out of 20 poles up! The reason it was only 50 faults was because on the second circuit there wasn't anything left to knock over!

Then it was lunch time. We had a picnic of carrot and coriander soup, pigeon pie with potato salad and vegetable salad followed by fruit cake. Finn had dry dog food mixed with meat.

After lunch we had our last run, this was an agility round with the dogwalk, A-frame and seesaw in it. I think he left most of the poles up this time, but he was so wound up I had to get him to sit twice in the middle of his run to get his head together, after doing 12 weavy poles perfectly in the first class he decided 6 wasn't worth bothering with but I was informed afterwards that he got 2 out of 3 contacts, only missing the 1 on the dog walk.

Although Tansy didn't manage a clear round for Beryl she was working well and listening to what she was supposed to do. In Finn's defence nearly all the dogs were a bit mad because they hadn't been able to do much training because of the weather. At least Finn enjoyed himself and entertained everyone and he was very tired Sunday night!

Beryl, Finn and Tansy.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Another walk in the snow

Here are some pictures we took on our afternoon walk today. I forgot to take the camera this morning when the snow looked really magical through the woods, but if the weather forecast is to be believed there will probably be a few more photographic opportunities this week and probably next week aswell!

The sheep were cold and huddled behind the hedge.

Well the sensible ones were!

Looking back towards Dead Mans Gulch.

This is taken from the gate looking back the way we had come.

On the way back we made pawprints in the snow, (well we did on the way out as well, but I didn't take a picture of those!

Our house, nice and warm after a cold walk in the snow!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

THE COAL GOT THROUGH, yes we can be nice and warm now , in fact I'm justgoing to light the fire now.
It's amazing, the coal lorry came from Ammanford, but the dustcart hasn't managed to get here today!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

We had lots more snows today. I pestered and pestered and pesterd until She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed took me out. It was AWESOME, I didn't have my lead on because it was slippery and there weren't any cars about.
I played snowballs with the boys.

Then we went into the field where the sheep aren't and played more snowballs.

Then we came home and She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed siad Christmas is officially over now and we had to take the decorations down.
This is really sad ,it's the last ever photy of me with this years tree.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed is getting all stressed out bcause there's only enough black burny stuff for the fire for today. The man with the lorry who brings it is meant to come tomorrow, but he comes from Ammanford which is millions of miles away, and today the cars couldn't even get to Cardigan which is only 8 miles away because they all slidded and bumped into each other on Tremain Hill this morning.
I don't know why she needs a fire to keep warm, why doesn't she just grow a nice thick fur coat like mine?

Saturday, 2 January 2010


First of all Happy New Year to you all.
Sorry there haven't been any posts since Christmas,but the computer decided to have a holiday and wouldn't talk to the camera or the mouse! They all seem to have settled their differences now and returned to normal. (Whatever that is).
Hope you all had a funtastic christmas with lots of goodies from Santa Paws. Finn had lots of chews and treats, a squeaky ball and a squeaky hedgehog and a TURKEY dinner. He had 2 good walks, (but we didn't have the camera with us) and a ride in Scott's van which he thought was best of all!

It snowed last night, so this morning we went for a tramp across the fields before breakfast and before it all got spoilt.
We even went out before the moon went to bed!

Throw me a snowball.

Can you see the rabbity paw prints in the snow?

There were foxy ones as well.

On the way home we played 'Find the glove', although Finn seems to think it's finders keepers!

We'll have to work on that one.