Saturday, 2 January 2010


First of all Happy New Year to you all.
Sorry there haven't been any posts since Christmas,but the computer decided to have a holiday and wouldn't talk to the camera or the mouse! They all seem to have settled their differences now and returned to normal. (Whatever that is).
Hope you all had a funtastic christmas with lots of goodies from Santa Paws. Finn had lots of chews and treats, a squeaky ball and a squeaky hedgehog and a TURKEY dinner. He had 2 good walks, (but we didn't have the camera with us) and a ride in Scott's van which he thought was best of all!

It snowed last night, so this morning we went for a tramp across the fields before breakfast and before it all got spoilt.
We even went out before the moon went to bed!

Throw me a snowball.

Can you see the rabbity paw prints in the snow?

There were foxy ones as well.

On the way home we played 'Find the glove', although Finn seems to think it's finders keepers!

We'll have to work on that one.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh, your snows look just like my snows! I saw lots of rabbity paws in mine, to. They must has been a hoppin all over the werld!

Restaurant Pizzerie Vechile Coline said...

Blue said...

WOW what fit bunnies they must be to do all that hoppin