Monday, 29 October 2012

Horrible Hurricanes

Just heard on the news about the horrible hurricane about to hit New York, (GRRR) so I thought I'd send Good wishes to all my friends who are in the way. Keep safe everyone, I'll be sending good Finn vibes to you all

Saturday, 27 October 2012


The wind howled all day today, I watched the horse racing on the tele.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed slept on the sofa all day, even though the sun was shining and we should have been going for a long walk.

I was very worried. She never sleeps in the day.

Then when it got dark and the moon came out

she woke up. The camera wouldn't take her photo and she was making strange noises..


I think she's turning into a werewolf!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Filthy Feet and Frightened Pheasants

We got the bus to Tremain Woods again yesterday. This is the view when we get off the bus at the top of the hill.
We went down leafy tracks through the woods.

We passed these holiday cottages, I had to attach She who thinks she must be obeyed to my lead rope to keep her safe from the dog who lives here.

A tractor was working in this field as we went past. 

We went along muddy tracks.

Look at that lovely, squelchy mud!

My paws got really muddy, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed said I wouldn't be allowed on the bus to go home with muddy paws.

Luckily there was a stream to wash my paws in.

 Look, clean paws,

OMD, you won't be let on the bus Mum.

Look at the silly pheasant I frightened up a tree.
 The path climbed up so we looked over the top of the trees.
 Then we went back through them again.
 Look this one is all broken.

 We managed to find some lovely splashy puddles so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed managed to clean her paws and was allowed on the bus so I didn't have to go home by myself.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Our Last Outdoor Show of the Year

We were at Monmouth again on Sunday. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed was getting a bit spooked about pitching the tent in a waterlogged field but Beryl phoned on Thursday and said we wouldn't be camping so we had a very early start Sunday morning (5.30. It was really dark but the sky was full of stars).
I was very excited about seeing all my friends again, it's been about 2 months since the last show we went to. We've been doing lots of obedience (boring) training and self control exercises like having to lie still while the dust sucker is making noises but it seems to be paying off because I actually managed a 2 second wait on the start line! Now you might not think this is very impressive, but if you knew how exciting it is waiting to get at those jumps you might change your minds. And even more impressive I actually managed to wait (almost) quietly in the queue while everyone else went before me..(GRRRR)

Sooty playing tug of war with Sam

A couple of shots across the showground. 

Sooty being naughty in the ring....

And being carried off in disgrace.
I can see some of my friends on the exercise area

Let's go and see them.

Hello Ellie let's play.
Here are some of the seeneries on the way home

Look at that big mountain. 

We got home just as the sun was setting,

It a long day

Friday, 19 October 2012

Rock Climbing Dog!

We went for a walk on Aberporth beach now all those holiday makers have gone away and left it to us locals again.
What be this creature? He can't go away, he's got some legs missing I think.

 The tide was out a long, long way and we got to a bit of the beach we can't usually get to, but I had to climb some really scary rocks to get there.
Is there anything under this seaweed?
 There's a cave up here, come and see.
 This bit of land fell down!
 Let's go back before it all falls down, there's some stormy clouds out there.
 That's better, I love getting my paws and furs wet. Someone's made a sand castle, but that's falling down aswell!
 Those stormy clouds be getting nearer.
 We did more rock climbing,
 The sea usually comes through here!
 Look what I've found.
 It's a rock pool with lots of little creatures in, but they all go and hide when I stick my nose in to say hello.
 It's a scary long way down here,
 and here,
 Look the sea be coming back to rush between these rocks, we'd better go home quick.
 These houses be sitting on top of that land that fell down, I hope they don't fall down too.