Thursday, 25 October 2012

Filthy Feet and Frightened Pheasants

We got the bus to Tremain Woods again yesterday. This is the view when we get off the bus at the top of the hill.
We went down leafy tracks through the woods.

We passed these holiday cottages, I had to attach She who thinks she must be obeyed to my lead rope to keep her safe from the dog who lives here.

A tractor was working in this field as we went past. 

We went along muddy tracks.

Look at that lovely, squelchy mud!

My paws got really muddy, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed said I wouldn't be allowed on the bus to go home with muddy paws.

Luckily there was a stream to wash my paws in.

 Look, clean paws,

OMD, you won't be let on the bus Mum.

Look at the silly pheasant I frightened up a tree.
 The path climbed up so we looked over the top of the trees.
 Then we went back through them again.
 Look this one is all broken.

 We managed to find some lovely splashy puddles so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed managed to clean her paws and was allowed on the bus so I didn't have to go home by myself.

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Anna the GSD said...

Oh, what a pretty hike!! And don't peoples know that mud treatments are important for healthy paws?!?! Peoples pay for that type stuff!! But I'm glad your mom got washed off, I was afraid she wouldn't be allowed on the bus! BOL!