Sunday, 7 October 2012

Going to Church!

It was another beautiful day today, a day to be taken full advantage of so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed phoned Ann up and arranged to meet her and my friend Peter at Mwnt. We packed our lunch in a rucksack and put on our hiking boots (paws) and set off for a two and a half hour hike along the cliff path, Ann and Peter would arrive by car after we had had our lunch. 
We arrived before Ann so while we were waiting we visited the 14th centuary sailors chapel of ease, Eglwys y Grog (Church of the Holy cross to you and me). It stands alone under Foel y Mwnt and is a famous tourist attraction. The font is 12th or 13th centuary and made of Preseli stone.

 Ann still hadn't arrived when we had looked at the church so we wandered around for a bit. There's Cardigan Island over there.
 We climbed to the top of Foel y Mwnt shown in the old postcard downloaded from wikipedia. Look how small the church looks now!
 Looking down onto the beach.....scary! It's a LONG way down She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed felt a bit dizzy and decided to sit down for a minute!
 It's a long way down that way as well.
 I didn't feel dizzy but I sat down as well.
 We could see all the way across Cardigan bay to Snowdonia. It's not a good sign when you can see the mountains of North Wales as clear as that, it means it's going to rain.
Peter arrived at last. 'Hello Peter come and see where I've been.'
And then the battery ran out on the camera thingy so we couldn't take any more piccies, but we went down to the beach and got our paws and furs wet and Peter did digging and I did swimming and then we went back to the carpark and had tea and cake and Ann took us home in the car.

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