Friday, 11 March 2011

A Trip to the bank

We nearly had a disaster today. There is a show on the 20th of this month, 5 days before my barkday and I REALLY want to go and have barkday celebrations with all my 'gility friends, it's my barkday show. Well She who thinks she must be obeyed FORGOT to send off our entry! Today is the closing day and she said there was no money in the bank for entry fees, I wasn't impressed. So when we went for our walk I decided to look in all the banks in case there was some money there.

I looked over banks in case anyone was running off with our money.

I looked under banks.

I even looked in banks.

It was hard work and I got my nose muddy.

But I carried on looking.

I even looked next to the river bank.

But there was no money anywhere.

I even tried to get a bridging loan.

I was SO sad.

Smudge said 'Never mind we'll have the purrfect barkday anyway'.

Tara said 'Get over yoursssssself. I never go to showsssssssssssssss'.

Scrappy came to see me and tried to cheer me up, (don't get jealous Anna, we're just good friends).

But Auntie Jo said 'Finn you have to go to your Barkday show' and gave She who thinks she must be obeyed some money so we can go. Thank you Auntie Jo.
We filled in the entry form and posted it just in time.


Janine said...

We're SO glad you get to go to your barkday show! Hope its a great one!

Reyna, Duncan & Kodiak

Anna the GSD said...

Wow! You sure worked and looked hard for those green papers!! Hope it's a super show (which it will be cause it's your Barkday show!!)

ForPetsSake said...

Awww...checking all the banks is hard work! Your Auntie is very generous to help your momma out with the monies...