Thursday, 17 March 2011


As we really are going to my barkday show, She who thinks she must be obeyed thought we ought to do some training.
Here I am doing the 'wait to go through the gate' that I had to do for my bronze Good Citizen certificate way back when I was a little puppydog.

And here I am sitting at the kerb waiting to cross the road to the green were we do our training.

But first of all we had a' throwabout' to get rid of some of my energy. (I get VERY excited when I see my jumps and She who thinks I must be obeyed says I run round like a headless chicken!!!!!!

Then I had to wait while She who thinks she must be obeyed set the course up. This is what it looked like. And yes that U.F.O. is back I wonder what the aliens think of my course?

I'm very good, waiting to be told to go over the jump. You won't catch me behaving like this at the show, it's way too exciting!

Here I go!

This video is an example of why you should never try to do more than one thing at once. She who thinks she must be obeyed was too busy TRYING to film me as she ran round to tell me what to do properly!

After all that exertion it was time for a down stay.

And then a sit stay.

Followed by a recall.


Anna the GSD said...

I bet those aliens are amazed by your mad jumping skillz! I know I am!!

ForPetsSake said...

Nicely done! I love watching pups show off like this :)

Silly aliens are just jealous of you, spying like that.

Turke the GSD said...

Ah! Finn you are a most impressive GSD! My Mom says she's been to Cardiff, Wales many years ago and thought it was lovely.
Thanks for coming by my blog and for the well wishes.