Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Introducing the Terrierist

Meet my friend Scrappy, better known in these parts as the 'Terrierist'. Two or three times a week we get to take him out on a walk with us while his human is doing something called 'work'. He's quite cute really but she who thinks she must be obeyed can't let him off his lead as he thinks it's his mission in life to rid the world of cats, sheep, rabbits or anything else which runs or looks at him! He's quite likely to get himself stuck down a rabbit hole or in a fence, he's even managed to fall over a forty foot cliff and get himself run over when he was an itty bitty pup!
Here are some photos She who thinks she must be obeyed took while we were walking a few days ago.

Look how well we walk together.

There's rabbits over there.

Never mind the rabbits, water's much more fun.

There's no rabbits in it though!

Just checking there's no monsters lurking behind the bank!

The rabbits are this way.

You're going the wrong way,

I don't want to go home!


Anna the GSD said...

That looks fun!! And water is a lot of fun, but is that a UFO behind you in that one pic?!?! They may abduct you for studliness!! Watch out!

ForPetsSake said...

Oh my goodness - that DOES look like a UFO!!

Blue said...

I'm sorry to have to tell you it's nothing as interesting as a UFO, only the M.O.D. site at Aberporth! Mind you, working in there is a bit kike being on another planet!

Blue said...

Just looked at the picture again and spotted the UFO, maybe it has just come from that other planet......!