Monday, 14 March 2011

Comments on Crufts

Well done Elmo for winning the Pastoral group at Crufts this year. It's been years since we've even seen a G.S.D. on the television coverage of the show. Commiserations on not winning Best in Show.

Although part of me is sorry that one of my favourite breed of dog was beaten in the end I'm not totally sure that actually winning Crufts does the breed as a whole any good. Once named Best in Show a breed is much more likely to become a fashion accessory and be chosen as a pet for all the wrong reasons and let's face it G.S.D's are only just recovering from an undeserved reputation as a dangerous dog and the last thing they need is more irresponsible owners thinking they are a good dog to have just because one won at Crufts.

All the same it would have been good to see Elmo on the winners stand!

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Anna the GSD said...

Mom feels the same way...we'll have to check out Elmo. Hopefully he wasn't too angulated, sometimes seeing that makes mom's heart hurt!