Friday, 1 April 2011

Thank you all for all your birthday wishes.
It's been a sad week this week. Scrappy went to his new forever home on Monday, but Jo couldn't find a forever home for Woo, so she has gone to another friend until something more permanent can be found. (We are secretly hoping that by that time she has managed to make Andy not want to part with her as we think he is perfect for her as she already knows him). The only good thing is that they have managed to keep the cat, although whether he will like living in the middle of town, 3 stories up is something else. I can't begin to imagine how Jo must be feeling, I know I'd rather be a nomad in my tent than have to give Finn up, but then I haven't got a 13 year old daughter to consider.
When I saw Scrappy's new owner on Tuesday he had already found the gap in the fence leading to next doors rabbits and jumped a 6' fence. So I guess he's settling in fine.
Finn can't understand why we don't call in on Scrappy and Woo now and he is missing having Scrappy keep him company on some of his walks.

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