Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our agility club held a fund raiser for the dogs (and kitties) who have lost their people in the Japanese tsunami on Sunday. Before we went She who thinks she must be obeyed decided I needed a good brush, just look at all the fur she pulled out of me. I know spring is on the way but it's not that warm yet, she's still wearing thick woolly jumpers so why should I have to take a layer off? (I do look handsome though don't I?)

Ann came to pick us up at 10 o'clock, that's her sitting at the table making a note of everyone's faults as the judge marks them. The fun started at 10.30. There were 3 agility classes we could enter, agility, jumping and helter skelter. Each class cost £1.50 to enter and there were lots of entries!
Here are a couple of pictures of people waiting for the agility class.

There was a raffle, these are all the prizes people donated. Anna is looking over the partition at the cakes which people had baked for the cake stall,they looked yummy but I wasn't allowed any, and there were drinks for sale as well.

There was also an obedience class for clever dogs, I decided everyone was taking it much to seriously and put my clown hat on when it was my turn, after all it was meant to be a fun day! Sooty waited until Beryl took him in the ring to do a big woopsy- a comment on what he thinks of obedience perhaps. My friend Peter won and Ann was really pleased with him.

Sooty was being his usual bouncy self!

We tried to get a video of me doing an agility round but unfortunately the only person who seems to be able to use the camera was judging, perhaps if we'd given her the camera she wouldn't have noticed all the poles I knocked down! This is Beryl's attempt can you Spot the Dog?

I really went for it in the last class, the helter skelter and guess what - I got a prize! I knocked the most number of poles down and won one of those yummy cakes. I knew She who thinks she must be obeyed got it wrong when she tells me to pick my paws up!

We all had a wonderful day and got home at 6 o'clock. It was really good to see all my friends again.

We raised nearly £600.0 for all those poor dogs in Japan.

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ForPetsSake said...

Congrats, Finn! This looks like a good time :)