Saturday, 7 May 2011

Once again I have to apologise for not blogging for a while. We've been invaded by electricians rewiring the house! First of all the computer room was a total disaster area with about two foot of floor space to walk on as everything was dumped in there out of the way, then when I turned the computer on it wouldn't and just beeped at me! So after much beeping on my part the MAN was called in, he said it was easy to fix, but yes it did stop beeping only to start SMOKING. I can definitely state that smoking is bad for you, computer is now dead.
This is a new computer so there are no pictures of our adventures over the last couple of weeks yet as I have still to install all the camera stuff onto it.
I've just been catching up with all your adventures and I'm glad to hear none of Finn's friends were hurt in the tornadoes. We complain about our weather, but that was SCARY. We don't know we're born over here.
I'm gonna go now and try to get this computer to talk to my camera so I can post some photies

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ForPetsSake said...

Oh no! This sounds like a bunch of problems! I, too have not been blogging so much and I feel completely out of the loop...gld to see you back :)