Thursday, 26 May 2011

I was ABANDONED twice this week! Tonight She who thinks she must be obeyed left me to go to a meeting about watching Dolphins. Every year for the last 17 years volunteers sit on the cliffs and look out for Dolphins, they fill in forms about how many they have seen, what they were doing and what boats were about. The information is all put together and a code of conduct for boats in the vicinity of Dolphins has been devised using the information provided. Anyway She who thinks she must be obeyed is doing it this year, so I suppose I will be abandoned again while she is busy (or expected to sit very still for2 hours!!!!!).
On Tuesday night she went to a talk by 2 police dog handlers about the work their dogs do, now that sounds real good fun,( much better than sitting still just LOOKING at the water). They explained how the dogs follow the scent and find people, (sometimes dead people) and how they are always right. Did you know that in Holland they use police dogs in police lineups but they don't trust us enough over here to do the same! Anyway she came home thinking that my brain is not being used enough so now she is getting all enthusiastic about TRAINING again!

On Sunday morning when we woke up the Ash tree outside the bedroom window was doing a pretty good impression of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter so She who thinks she must be obeyed decided not to go riding in the morning and we'd walk down to see the horses instead. To get there we have to go across the beach and along the cliff path, so here are some of the photies she took on the way.

Me playing in the sea, (the shutter on the camera didn't open properly so you can't see all the BIG waves.

That one nearly got me!

Come and get me now wave!

Looking across the beach.

Going off the beach towards the cliff path.

In the summer the local teenagers jump off that cliff into the water, even I wouldn't do that.

Looking back towards Aberporth, the waves are really pounding against those cliffs, I don't think I'll go swimming there.

Can you see all the white horses in the sea?

These lazy white horses wouldn't even get up to say hello to us after we walked all that way to see them!


ra husky said...

wow! The sea is beautiful! Looks like lots of fun playing in waves,


ForPetsSake said...

Well, at least she abandoned you for some worthy could have been worse - like for shoe shopping!

Those beach scenes are so lovely - I'd love to get Nyxie back in the water again. Good for cooling off and exercise!