Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Back to school

Thank you all for your get well wishes for Jesse, she is feeling better now and has regained most of the weight she lost. Maria was really touched when I told her you had sent messages for her.
Finn had a nice surprise yesterday, he went back to school! Yvonne came and picked us up and he went in the car with Mishka, a chocolate Labrador. He knew something was up when I put a bag of treats in my pocket, and he was outside waiting by the gate for about 1/2 hour before she arrived.
When we arrived the previous class was still drinking their tea and he went to talk to Ruby, a Burmese who he remembered from his puppy days at school. Our class was just a fun class just for social reasons rather than serious training, there was Ginny a golden retriever and Tarka a wire haired Dachshund who belong to Sue the trainer from the previous class, Emma awhite Pomeranian who he used to know from puppy days, Jack a whippet and Maisie another chocolate Labrador who was also one of his old friends and of course Mishka and Mick a Beardie collie belonging to Jim our trainer.
We did heal work on and off lead and a 2 minute stay which Finn did very well.
Then we all stood in a group in a corner while one of us left their dog and went into another room before calling their dog to them and then leaving them in the room, returning to the group and calling their dog back again. Finn managed the first part alright but didn't quite let me get back to the group before he decided he ought to come and make sure I wasn't being kidnapped!
Then we played a couple of games with bits of carpet. In the first one we had to get our dogs to circle the carpet pieces in alternate directions, I expect the dogs would have done it perfectly if only the owners knew what they were meant to be boing! The next game was a bit simpler, the dogs had to walk to heal (off lead) and sit on each carpet square on the way up the line, then on the way back we had to leave the dog, go down the line 2 carpet squares, recall the dog and get him to sit on the first carpet square, repeating the exercise until we reached the end of the line. Finn was very good at this although the bits of carpet were just the tinsiest bit close for him and he did overshoot a couple!
Then we had tea, bicscuits and choccies because it was somebody in the other class's birthday before returning home.
A big thankyou to Mishka for letting Finn share his car.

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