Sunday, 21 February 2010

Ann's Birthday

It was Ann's birthday yesterday so she invited us and Beryl and Tansy to go for a walk at Aberaeron followed by lunch in the best chip shop in Ceredigion!
She picked us up and Finn had a ride in Peter's campervan, which is much more comfortable than a normal car even if he wasn't allowed to sit on the bed!

Ann with Finn (left) and Peter (right)

Me with Finn and Peter, while we were wating for Beryl to arrive

Tansy and Finn. The path goes along the back of the beach and gradually merges into the beach which is all pebbly here. You can walk all the way to Aber Arth from Aberaeron although we didn't go that far yesterday.

It was really weird to see the snow on the hills as it was really warm in the sun.

Can you see the snow on the mountains of North Wales in the distance?

Ann, Beryl Tansy, Peter and Finn.

The path goes up onto the fields and although it is not stony underfoot it is very muddy.

Shall we jump?

At this point there was quite a drop down to the beach and Finn delighted in giving me heart attack. I don't think he would have jumped down, but I was worried about the edge giving way as it isn,t very stable.

After our walk we left the dogs in the cars (with windows and sunrooves open) while we had the best ever fish and chips served with a green salad, then we had a look around an exhibition of local artists before reurning home.
Thankyou for a lovely day out Ann.

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Life With Dogs said...

What an incredible place to walk the dogs - consider me envious...