Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tresaith again

3 days in a row without any wind or rain, it is almost a record for this year! (We did have 10 days in April I think). We set off for Aberporth  but just carried on to Tresaith as it was so nice.
Here are some of the scenics along the cliff path between the two beaches, they are about 11/4 miles apart.
 The air was so still, a really nice change after all the wind we have been having and the sea was like a mill pond. If you biggify the photo below you can just make out the fishing boat from Aberporth doing the rounds of the lobster pots.
Hooray, we can see Tresaith beach and the tide is right out, we COULD walk all the way to Penbryn (the furthest beach in the picture) if a certain two-legged person was up for it. (No such luck Finn, we'll be lucky to get back before it gets dark anyway.)

 Some one has turned on another falling waters on the other side of the beach!
 Look we don't usually get to go here, the sea is usually in the way.
 Better go back in case the sea comes back again!
 Just having a quick drink, it's alright it's not nasty salty water it's from the new falling waters.
 That's the village of Tresaith behind me.
 Must just get my furs wet while we're here.
Here are the proper falling waters.
We found this poor deaded baby starfish on the beach.

The sun was setting as we passed the horses field. Imshi is standing on the skyline and Sara has found somewhere more sheltered.
 Late winter evening sky over Ynys Lochtyn.
 And too late for a picnic now.
Back across Aberporth beach, everyone else is making the most of a beautiful day.
 Can we play some more, mum? PLEEEASE, I don't want to go home yet.
 A last look at Aberporth beach before we set off on the last part of the walk, 20 minutes up 'Punishment Hill' I wonder why they call it that?

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Anna the GSD said...

What an AWESOME beach! Wow! Even with waterfalls! That may be the most awesome beach EV-ER!