Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wow What a Week

We had a quiet day on Sunday after all the excitements of showtime on Saturday so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed asked me to help with the Chrissymouse decawrations.
Once again we have no proper tree so out came the'twig', it's looking a bit battered now and probably wont make next year, but hey, it didn't cost anything and this is it's third year.

We put some holly and stuff from the garden along the mantlepiece, (homemade from wood salvaged from the workmen when they were laying new water pipes in the road! The uprights were packing for the pipes.)
Monday was a lovely bright sunshiny day so we got the bus to Patch as we hadn't done much the day before. The tide was right out so there was lots of beach to run on. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed forgot the magic picture box so I can't show you how good it was there. As we arrived a police car pulled up and the policeman started telling She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed how some irresponsible dog owners don't pick up after their dogs so she showed him our poobags and spent the next half hour telling him how there should be more bins to put it in as you can't take smelly poobags on the bus and what are you meant to do with them? Well I was SOOO embarrassed but he said how well behaved I was because I just sat and waited until she'd finished even though I really wanted to go and run and jump in the water.
This is a picture taken ages ago, but the tide was out this far on Monday.
 In the winter we get flocks of Canada geese overwintering here. Again this is an old picture.
Although this one was taken ages ago I had a swim and got all the muds out of my furs!
Tuesday was cold and white! We went for a walk across the fields before breakfast, just as the sun was getting up. We took the magic picture box this time.

 The path was treach'rous slippy specially were there was hard waters. There were a few 'oops' moments when She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed made the ground shake  by sitting down with a thud! But there was no blood and guts.
 (sorry about the quality of this one)

When we got home both our tummies were making growly noises so we both had a big breakfast.
The world stayed white all day and the waters were still hard when we went for our evening walk.

On Thursday we walked down to feed the horses, we go across the beach and along the cliff path to get there, it takes about two hours altogether. While the horses are eating we do a bit of nosework with my rope ball, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeys makes me wait while she throws it into the long grass and I have to wait until she tells me to find it.
Imshi does like his food.
On Saturday we had two long walks, in the morning we went to the horses again and then just as we got in Ann phoned and said would we like to go to Patch in the afternoon. We took the magic picture box this time.
 I'm the one with the big orange ball in my mouth, Peter only had a small black one.
 I think Patch is the most wonderful place.

And that was the end of a fantastic week.


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