Sunday, 9 December 2012

Indoor Show at Wenvoe

We set off well before dawn yesterday morning for Cardiff, we had stayed at Beryls Friday night so we could get an early start. I had had a blast round Sootie's agility stuff when we arrived and had got all my contacts on his A frame which was much more fun than the weavie poles which I can do anytime at home!
Dawn saw us just passing Port Talbot,
and the sun rose a little further along the way.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed bought me a posh new lead from who had a stall there. It's handmade from lengths of fleece and is much smarter than my old one. 
Here I am modeling it.

Me and Tansy on the exercise field.
Sooty being good!
Me and Sooty having a hoolie.
And another one!
We had three runs altogether. We were E'd in the first one because She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed hadn't got her head together and gave some very confusing commands! The second run was the helter skelter which was a good blast and I had 3 poles down, but we were working well together and this is our third run, we finally found someone to video us!
 Not bad considering we never get to practice properly. We enjoyed ourselves anyway.
But I'm not as fit as I should be, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed wasn't panting as hard as she should be at the end!
And here's Tansy doing the same course.


Anna the GSD said... got up waaaaaay early!! That would make me slower too!!

Mollie said...

I'd love to do that agility thing. When I was a pup, I'm 18 mths now, everyone thought I was GSD, I'm a blonde border collie :) xx0xx
Pop over for some bacon :)
Mollie and Alfie