Monday, 7 February 2011

A Walk on the Wild (&Windy) Side

We have had 5 days of gale force winds here in Wet West Wales, at leas today it wasn't raining!

Here are some of the pictures I took on our walk to the horses.

There was only a small patch of sand for the seagulls to rest on.

Surfs up, where are the surfers?

Let's go down to the beach

A small cove along the cliff path. Local teenagers jump from the rock into the lagoon in calmer water. rather them than me!

Hello Sonic

I'm not supposed to chase the horses, but it is fun.

It was REALLY windy. Sara's 'hoodie' had come undone and was flapping in the wind and Finn looks as though his ears are blowing off! I had taken flask of hot chocolate to drink while the horses were eating and the wind was blowing it out of the cup all over me!

I can be good!

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Dlanno Ribeiro said...

muito bom.. gostei!!!