Friday, 11 February 2011

Last Sunday we had a show at Wenvoe near Cardiff. Beryl very kindly took us, thankyou Beryl, with her 2 (yes 2 ) dogs. Tansy has a new friend now called Sooty. He's a minature poodle end he's 5 months old,

Don't you think he's cute?

Because there are only 2 cages in the back of the car, Finn now sits in comfort on the back seat, so I've had to find the harness I had for Jax, the Shepherd I had before Finn. I'm not sure where we will put all our camping things in the summer when we go away for the whole weekend.
Finn worked really well, shame about the handler in the first 2 classes. We might have had a clear round in the third class, but the judge got so close to the bottom of the A-frame that Finn jumped over him and missed the contact then knocked the next pole! The main thing for me was that we are finally working as a team, it's me that needs to get my act together now!
The dogs thoroughly enjoyed themseves both in the ring and on the exercise area. Here's a video of them letting off steam on the excercise area.

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