Monday, 28 February 2011

Beryl's Birthday

It was Beryl's birthday last week, so on Friday we went to see Heather at her new house to celebrate. We met Heather in Goodwick and bought fish and chips (yes, we really know how to live it up!) and took them back to Heather's house which is a lovely old cottage on the cliffs. She assured us she had a fantastic view of the sea, but we had to take her word for it as it was quite foggy!

We've arrived, I'm wearing my seat belt as I sit on the back seat now.

Wow, I've not seen Fly for AGES, must catch up with the pee-mail.

And here's Flicka aswell, must be gentle with her as she's just had an operation.

After we'd eaten our fish and chips and Heather had shown us round we went for a walk, the fog lifted and we managed to see the scenery. Here's Beryl about to go over the style with Tansy and Sooty, Heather has Fly and Flicka.
That's me in the forground with my back to Fred. He lives on the farm nextdoor and wasn't meant to come with us. He was a real pain and kept taking lumps of fur out of my trousers!

We had to go down a gorge, Heather said it wasn't the steepest one on the path and Beryl said she'd prefer not to do any others then thankyou!

Finn, Tansy and Fred waiting to get to the water at the bottom of the gorge.

The dogs paddled across but we went across the bridge.

Then we had to go back up the other side.

In 1797 the French tried to invade us. The locals defended the area vigorously carrying out guerrilla warfare, even the women dressed up as soldiers to make the Frech think they were severely outnumbered and the invaders were defeated. This is the monument they raised to commemorate the incident.

And this is the inlet were they landed.

On the way back Heather took a picture of Beryl and me, I hate having my photo taken!

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