Thursday, 24 February 2011


As we've not been doing any interesting walks lately I thought I'd put some indoorsy piccies on to keep it going until she who thinks she must be obeyed gets her paw out and gets round to writing something intersting. (We did go to Patch with Peter last weekend 'cos it was Ann's birthday and they came back after and had birthday cake which was SCRUMMY. I know because I taste tested it when no-one was looking but it wasn't appreciated so I won't be doing it again, honestly I could have been poisoned. She who thinks she must be obeyed forgot the camera so there are no piccies of us in the water and meeting new friends and doing interesting stuff, honesstly you just can't get the staff these days).

This is me and Peter, can you tell who is who? (I'm the handsome one)

Cake, what cake? I can't see any cake!

Aren't I handsome?

It's very tiring all this entertaining

Even Tara's gone to sleep.

She who thinks she must be obeyed was looking on the internet and found the website of the photographer who was at my last show and guess what, there's some piccies of ME and Tansy.
Here is the link See if you can spot me. I'm at the end of Agility at the Alps Feb 2011 pt 1 and also Agility at the Alps pt 1 11/12/10. Don't I jump well!

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