Saturday, 28 March 2015

My barkday week I

I've had a really pawsome week, we started off on Monday getting the bus to Llanina woods. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put my boot in her pocket in case i needed it and a scarf in case I needed help walking if we went too far, how embarrasing I haven't come to that yet. 

First off I had to cool the paws after walking along the road from the bus stop. 

Then there was this really interesting hole to be investigated. 

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed thought the snowdrops look pretty but I don't think that there's much point to them really. 

Now here's an interesting smell 

and what's this growing out of an old dead tree?

Come on mum, do keep up. 

I'm a tree climbing dog.

Can you see me?

Hurry up. 

look at this tree trying to push it's neighbour over.

I can still pop a jump, maybe not as many as I used to. ..
on Tuesday we got the bus to The Top of the World were you can see all round 360degrees . Possibly not the best day to go to such an exposed spot, that big black cloud decided to drop a load of hailstones on us as soon as we got off the bus. 
Luckily they didn't last long,

and the sun came out before we got the bus back. 

  Wednesday was my Barkday and I got prezzies which you've already seen then in the afternoon we went to the beach at Aberporth. Thursday we went across the fields, didn't do much on Friday but today I had a party on the beach at Poppit with Tansy, Sooty and Simon. 
Then everyone came back home with us and had dinner. Auntie Ann gave me a humungous bone and Simon chased Smudge out of the garden! 

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