Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Happy Easter.

Happy easter efurybody.
We had a lazy day in the garden yesterday and today we went on a big adventure to Cwmtydy. The little local bus for walkers,the Cardi Bach has started running again. The company that ran it lost the contract last year and we have been without it over winter but now the company that runs all our buses has taken it on so we thought we better make use of it in case we lose it again.
It was a long time on the bus, nearly an hour each way but it goes all round the little lanes to all the isolated villages. It was only a little mini bus and besides me there were two other dogs on board and lots of people . All the seats were full! We had an hour walking round the woods at Byrlip before we had to come back again. We were on the edge of the sea mist which came in yesterday afternoon and has been hanging round ever since. Our house is above it but we could see it hanging round Aberporth while we were waiting for the bus.
Here are some of the photos She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed took while we were out.

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