Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We thought we were losing Tara-cat on Saturday. 
She is somewhere near 18 years old and is looking a bit frail these days, ever since her catnapping experience with the R.S.P.C.A about 2 years ago (see post Tuesday 27 October 2009) she has been losing her marbles. To stop people thinking she is a stray She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put a collar  with a bell on it on her, And everywhere she went we could hear her going ting-a -ling.

 Anyway on Saturday morning she started acting even weirder than usual, sleeping tucked away in the corner behind the door, not eating (really odd for her as she usually eats anything and everything she's given and some things she isn't given aswell.) and then going to sleep in her litter tray!!!!
 She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed picked her up and sat her on her lap and she just lay there as if the body was there but nothing else.
 The next morning we all expected her to be cold and stiff in the litter tray, or somewhere just as mad, but she was still with us. We were all thinking she would be making that last journey to the vet on Monday when She Who Thinks She Must Be obeyed had the idea of taking the bell off the collar.
 What a difference, she is back to her old self again now! Who would have thought a little bell could do that to a poor old cat.
Naughty bell.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Would Finn like to go to Patch?

We woz doing house werk this morning, yes I woz helping with the hoovering, when the phone rang. It woz Auntie Ann. Does Finn want to go to Patch this afternoon? Does Finn want to go to Patch ? Do fleas bite? Do Pesky cats make us chase them? Patch is only my most favourite place in all the world (except the Preselli mountains, Pengelli woods, Newport beach, Cillgeran.........). Of course Finn wants to go to Patch. I woz SOOOO excited I had to keep checking to see if she had come to take us there yet.
2 hours later she arrived with Peter and we went to Patch.

We did running in the sea.

We found a scary cave to go in.

And I tried to catch the sand She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed kicked as she walked.

When we got home we had tea, bikkies and noms. Peter couldn't understand why Tara wouldn't run away from him. Can you see me on my bed waiting to protect Tara if Peter tries to chase her?

Pee ess   Peter has some PAWSOME tricks I'll be showing you all soon, so keep on visiting me.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Pawsome Peter

Well here's something to cheer you all up. My friend Peter doesn't do agility, but his Human, Ann, has taught him to do lots of really clever stuff. Like playing the xylophone.


Playing hoopla.

Putting balls into cups.

Putting his shoes on.

And bowing and having a cuddle to finish off.
Isn't that really pawsome?

New Years Day Walk

Yes it's raining again, but hey it's a new year are we going to let it get us down?  Just because the sky is grey and crying are we going to sit indoors being miserable-noway, so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed got out her welly boots and wax jacket (with a silly hood), picked up my walking rope I use to show her the way to go and said 'comeon, lets go 'n' find something to cheer us up in this awful weather'.
So I took her down a lane to these little cottages in the valley by the Dark Woods.

A woodcarver lives in this one.
 The entrance to the dark woods, come on, it's scary in here by myself.

See those lonely steps down there? All the walkers have disappeared....spooky.
 We found this waterfall at the edge of the dark wood. In the summer when we haven't had any rain there's no water there, but we've had so much rain lately it's come back again.

 Look, there's muds here, don't slip over....OOPS, I did warn you.

Another waterfall, the water sprytes must be very happy here.

Can you see me? I'm hiding from them.
 Do you think they know I'm here?

Here's a badger sett.

Is anyone home?

Look  the snowdrops are peeping through, spring is coming to the Dark Wood.

This is the ruin of an old sawmill.

Is that my guardian angel looking after me as I go through the dark wood, protecting me from the ghosties of the sawmill humans?

Phew we made it home safe and sound, but a bit soggy. Just time for a quick rub down with my favourite towel before dinner.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone, hope it's truly pawsome for you all with lots of fun walks and lots of noms.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed enjoyed her homemade Baileys Irish Cream so much, she thought your humans might like to make some of their own (but make sure they take you out first). So here's how she did it.

1 can whipping cream.
1can condensed milk.
1 2/3 cups Irish Whiskey.
1teaspoon instant coffee.
2teaspoons chocolate syrup. (we used drinking chocolate instead)
1teaspoon vanilla
1teaspoon almond extract. (optional)
 Combine all ingredients in a blender (grrrr woof woof woof grrrr)
Bottle in tightly sealed container and refrigerate, shake before using.
 Will keep up to 2 months if you've got the willpower.

The other drink she made is blackberry liqueur, but luckily it isn't ready yet or I'd have to take her out!!! We picked the blackberries on our walks in the autumn and have kept them in the freezer till we needed them.

750ml vodka.
459grm blackberries.
600grm caster sugar.
250ml water.
Add sugar to water in pan and heat until sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Pour vodka into a large glass container add sugar syrup and blackberries. Cover with cling film and leave to infuse for 2 weeks.
Strain into bottles and leave for another couple of weeks......the longer the better.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed is being really scroogish this year and instead of throwing the vodka soaked blackberries away is using them in a crumble for after dinner today, how thrifty is that?