Sunday, 8 January 2012

Would Finn like to go to Patch?

We woz doing house werk this morning, yes I woz helping with the hoovering, when the phone rang. It woz Auntie Ann. Does Finn want to go to Patch this afternoon? Does Finn want to go to Patch ? Do fleas bite? Do Pesky cats make us chase them? Patch is only my most favourite place in all the world (except the Preselli mountains, Pengelli woods, Newport beach, Cillgeran.........). Of course Finn wants to go to Patch. I woz SOOOO excited I had to keep checking to see if she had come to take us there yet.
2 hours later she arrived with Peter and we went to Patch.

We did running in the sea.

We found a scary cave to go in.

And I tried to catch the sand She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed kicked as she walked.

When we got home we had tea, bikkies and noms. Peter couldn't understand why Tara wouldn't run away from him. Can you see me on my bed waiting to protect Tara if Peter tries to chase her?

Pee ess   Peter has some PAWSOME tricks I'll be showing you all soon, so keep on visiting me.

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