Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone, hope it's truly pawsome for you all with lots of fun walks and lots of noms.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed enjoyed her homemade Baileys Irish Cream so much, she thought your humans might like to make some of their own (but make sure they take you out first). So here's how she did it.

1 can whipping cream.
1can condensed milk.
1 2/3 cups Irish Whiskey.
1teaspoon instant coffee.
2teaspoons chocolate syrup. (we used drinking chocolate instead)
1teaspoon vanilla
1teaspoon almond extract. (optional)
 Combine all ingredients in a blender (grrrr woof woof woof grrrr)
Bottle in tightly sealed container and refrigerate, shake before using.
 Will keep up to 2 months if you've got the willpower.

The other drink she made is blackberry liqueur, but luckily it isn't ready yet or I'd have to take her out!!! We picked the blackberries on our walks in the autumn and have kept them in the freezer till we needed them.

750ml vodka.
459grm blackberries.
600grm caster sugar.
250ml water.
Add sugar to water in pan and heat until sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Pour vodka into a large glass container add sugar syrup and blackberries. Cover with cling film and leave to infuse for 2 weeks.
Strain into bottles and leave for another couple of weeks......the longer the better.

She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed is being really scroogish this year and instead of throwing the vodka soaked blackberries away is using them in a crumble for after dinner today, how thrifty is that?

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

If'n my mom made those howliday celebratory drinks, she would has to hike more to burn off the calories (good thing) or she would not get out of bed coz her head be hurting (bad thing). I think I better hide this from her.