Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Day Walk

Yes it's raining again, but hey it's a new year are we going to let it get us down?  Just because the sky is grey and crying are we going to sit indoors being miserable-noway, so She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed got out her welly boots and wax jacket (with a silly hood), picked up my walking rope I use to show her the way to go and said 'comeon, lets go 'n' find something to cheer us up in this awful weather'.
So I took her down a lane to these little cottages in the valley by the Dark Woods.

A woodcarver lives in this one.
 The entrance to the dark woods, come on, it's scary in here by myself.

See those lonely steps down there? All the walkers have disappeared....spooky.
 We found this waterfall at the edge of the dark wood. In the summer when we haven't had any rain there's no water there, but we've had so much rain lately it's come back again.

 Look, there's muds here, don't slip over....OOPS, I did warn you.

Another waterfall, the water sprytes must be very happy here.

Can you see me? I'm hiding from them.
 Do you think they know I'm here?

Here's a badger sett.

Is anyone home?

Look  the snowdrops are peeping through, spring is coming to the Dark Wood.

This is the ruin of an old sawmill.

Is that my guardian angel looking after me as I go through the dark wood, protecting me from the ghosties of the sawmill humans?

Phew we made it home safe and sound, but a bit soggy. Just time for a quick rub down with my favourite towel before dinner.

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