Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wet Weekend pt2

As you saw in the pictures in the previous post Saturday's weather wasn't too bad, in fact she Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put her short leg covers on, we had a few drizzly showers but nothing to get the fur too wet. After we had finished our runs for the day we went for a walk along the Cotswold way, as Landsdowne racecourse is right by the side of it. Here are some of the scenics we saw.
 looking down onto Bath
 and looking the other way
 There is a big cloud over that tree!
 Let's go back QUICK
 Is this the path?
 That cloud does be catchin' us up petty quick
 It's rainin'
that's a lot of rain comin' down
 But it's nice and dry in the tent.
 It stopped raining (briefly) for breakfast in the morning.
 We had a very wet tent,
There was a big puddle under our tent!
The whole showground was waterlogged, we were paddling through puddles a couple of inches deep and the judges had to rearrange the courses round them as we don't have water jumps in dog agility yet! It rained all morning but even though the sun came out in the afternoon everyone, even people in 4x4's had to be towed out!
The roadway out of the showground.
Us being towed out.

I don't know what the racecourse officials thought when they saw the state of the ground on Monday morning, I hope they let us come back next year.

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