Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Caerphilly Show

We went to Monmouth again this weekend for Caerphilly dog club's show. We tricked the weather this time because guess what, IT DIDN'T RAIN! No there was none of that nasty wet stuff falling from the sky making our furs all wet...... in fact it was soooo hot it would have been nice to have wet furs. We were at a different campsite  this time. It was on the bank of the river Wye and we weren't allowed to go swimming to get our furs wet because it was too dangerous.
Wot be this strange light in the sky? are the aliens landing or can it really be THE SUN?
 The campsite in the early morning sun.
 We put the side on the gazebo to give us some shades. Sooty had to stay in his cage 'cos he does be naughty when he's out. I don't know why Tansy had to stay in hers becos she's not naughty. I'm too big to have to stay in mine for long!
 I didn't want to stay in the shades. I like the sun. It was nice and warm on my furs.
 Here I am modeling my stay cool coat
 Don't I look smart?

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