Sunday, 27 May 2012

Olympic Flame comes to Ceredigion and the K9 olympics

I competed in the Olympics today, not your humans Olympic games but our very own K9 Olympics which were held  at Sarnau while we were waiting for the Olympic flame to come past, and organised by Aberporth and district dog club. The K9 Olympics are obviously much more important than the human ones because they were held first. I competed in the decathalon and a race against the stopwatch. There was also long jump, high jump, football for dogs and basketball for dogs. There was a beer tent and hog roast for humans and tennis for children.

 Here's Ann and Peter in the decathalon.
 After we'd competed we went out to join the crowd lining the road waiting for the Olympic flame to come past.
 It was very boring waiting,
 and waiting,
 even Peter got bored.
 There were lots of people waiting, we didn't know so many people lived round here!
 Then something came along the road
There were lots of police bikes, it looked like all the police in Wales was here. Good job most of  the people  were here as well or lots of crimes could have happened!

 And finally the flame got carried past and everyone cheered.
And then we went home.

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