Friday, 25 May 2012

Adventure Thursday

Well it really was Adventure Thursday this week!She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed decided we would go to the Wild Life Park at Cilgerran, When we set out there was a thick sea mist, and we could hardly see the bus coming, let alone any wild animals, I mean is this  really a good idea, the wolves escaped a few years ago what if they didn't catch them all they might think I'm one in the mist and shoot me by mistake! Anyway we got on the bus and sat next to a grumpy man who didn't think dogs should go on buses, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed said I was better behaved than most children and ignored him for the rest of the journey. When we got to Cardigan the mist had cleared so I didn't have to worry about being shot in mistake for a wolf.

Cardigan from the new bridge.

We got off the bus and crossed the river Teifi by the new by-pass bridge and went down some steps to the path along the side of the river which runs on the old Cardigan /Whitland railway track which was built from furnace waste to carry slate from the quarries and closed in the 1960's by Beeching. On one side you have the river and on the other the Teifi Marshes.
looking across the Teifi Marshes
The perfume from the blossom on the trees filled the air, She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed thinks it's lovely but it just makes it harder to find the really interesting smells like fox, rabbit and otter.
At the entrance to the wildlife centre there's this map, if you biggify it you can see how far we went,
Us K-9s have to keep our humans under control and on their walking ropes in the park in case they chase  or frighten the animals, it's the rools.
This is looking back over the marshes towards Cardigan, by the side of the path was this plaque telling you about some of the things you can see.
This Canada Goose didn't want us to stop here to have our lunch......
but we did anyway,
While we were eating these canoeists went past, 
I wish I could go in a canoe.
After lunch we followed the gorge trail
through a couple of quarries, there was another plaque telling you all about it.
Last year She Who Thinks She Should Be Obeyed heard a Bittern here, but we didn't hear one today.

We had to go up lots of steps
And back down again.
At one point there had been a landslide and the path had fallen into the river, we had to scramble up the side of the gorge to rejoin it. It was quite scary.
Then the path left the wildlife park and went into this nature reserve.
We were very high up, way above the top of the trees. If you biggify the picture below you can see Cilgerran and the castle.
We carried on along the path and after a while we came to this across the path. The path we had just come along was closed because of the landslide! Good job we came the way we did or we would have had to turn round and go back again!
At last I found a drink!
There is a humongous drop over there down to the river, be careful don't go too near the edge in case there do be another landslide!
We finally came to Cilgerran, this is the church.
Look we are on top of the roofs of the houses!
We returned to the Wildlife park by the main entrance. Humans can go free here for a little while, sometimes there are deer along here but usually early in the morning.
I thought it would be quicker to go on the board walk across the marshes. Bad idea. No one told me there were nasty Marsh Monsters.....
They grabbed me and pulled me off the boardwalk into the marsh, I was very frightened. I was in lots of gooey, sticky, smelly, nasty mud and I COULDN'T GET OUT. Luckily I had She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed back on her walking rope and after ages she managed to fight off the Marsh Monster and  to pull me out.
Look how muddy I was and we had to get on the bus home in half an hour! She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed hadn't brought my towel with us because she didn't think we'd need it, so she had to try to make me look presentable again with her sweatshirt!

Luckily it was a nice bus driver and he didn't mind me being a bit wet and muddy.

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