Friday, 18 May 2012

Adventure Thursday

Yesterday was Adventure Thursday! She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed has decided that we are going to do 'Something Special' every week and as she has nothing else on on a Thursday that will be the day. Well we will have to wait and see if it really does happen every week, but it did yesterday, we packed some lunch and got the bus to Patch because we haven't been there for ages and ages and I really love it there. The tide was out when we got there, (only not quite as much as in this picture, which was taken a while ago) and we walked as far as we could amongst the rock pools,

 then we turned back and walked along the river a way, this is an old picture as well, but there are still lots of boats by the boat club although maybe not quite so many as it is a bit early in the season yet.
 This was taken yesterday, you can see how far we walked and how muddy it is going this way. In the winter there are lots of geese and other birds come here, but there were only a couple of Shellducks and a Swan yesterday.
 I found a tennis ball washed up on the beach.
 Because She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed got the bus timetable mixed up, she didn't think the bus we got was going to Patch so she had bought a return ticket to Cardigan before the bus driver said he was going to Cardigan via Patch, so  instead of walking home like we usually do when we go to Patch we took the coastal path, (which goes all round Wales now only we didn't go that far because it would take too long and our paws would be worn out), and went back to Cardigan that way which was much better than walking on the road.
 We went through lots of fields, I dropped my new tennis ball and had to go back for it. Didn't I get muddy by the river?
 We found a spot to have our lunch with some good sceniks, that's St Dogmaels in the picture above and that's where we walked from below.
We got back to Cardigan with time to get some shopping before we got the bus home and I had two bus rides in one day so it really was Adventure Thursday.

I wonder where we'll go next week.

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