Thursday, 5 April 2012


Well, the spare room is looking more like a study than a rubbish dump again and She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed can get to the computer and resume her duty as my secretary and carry on with the important task of keeping my bloggie up to date! 
While we have been away I have had my 6th barkday. Yes I'm 6 now, I know I don't believe it either I still feel like a pup. We went for a walk along the cliff path to Tresaith and I had a HUMUNGOUS bone.

Yesterday was REALLY windy and cold but today the sun was shining and She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed said 'We'll go somewhere different today, let's get the bus to Tremain Woods and see if the bluebells are out yet'. Well I don't go much on bluebells (I get told off for treading on them!), but I do like Tremain Woods.
We have to be very good and keep to the path going across this field 'cos there do be crops growing there and we mustn't put our paws on them and squash them or the farmer will be very cross and say we mustn't go there anymore. In the distance you can see the Preselli mountains.

We were too early  for the bluebells, but the blackthorn is in bloom,
and the celendines,
and just a few bluebells, we think they are the english ones and not the spainish invaders because they have bendy heads and don't stand to attention.
We went across this scary bridge that wobbled as we walked on it.
And found these bullrushes, look at the cottonwoolly stuff on them.
I just love this lake but I'm not allowed to go in it!

Come on hurry up, look what's up here,
look at these nesty places, I wonder who lives in them. They don't look very safe.
Here is Trewindsor Mill, There's a new house, but the old mill is in ruins.
There's the old waterwheel and I'm having a shake in the water.
Gosh I needed that drink.

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