Sunday, 8 April 2012

Poorly Pooch

I've been a really poorly pooch today. when I went to the vet yesterday he said I mustn't have anything to eat or drink for 12 hours, I was soooo thirsty I sat by the back door all night trying to get to the waterbutt in the garden as there was no water in my bowl. When She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed finally let me have a drink I blurped it all back up again.

Don't I look sorry for myself.

 Please let me have a drink.
 Can you see were I blurped on the carpet?
 I feel sooo miserable.
 We went back to the vet this morning and guess what, the hungarian visla we met on the beach yesterday was there aswell! He didn't look very happy either.
 I had my tummy shaved and had a scan (no I'm NOT having puppies!), they couldn't see anything there so I had a bloodtest but all that showed was that I was dehydrated!!!!!!!! In the end I had another needle stuck in me-I was VERY brave- antibiotics this time and was given a weeks supply of antibiotics to take home with me. I can have lots of small amounts of food and drink. I don't want food, but I do want a drink.
The first drink got blurped again, but I'm managing to keep water down now, please don't feed me yet though.
I spent the afternoon laying quietly in the garden in quiet places.
 Can you see me ?

I hope I feel better tomorrow.


ra husky said...

Aw zeesh, being sick sucks! Hope woo get better soon mate!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh noes! I hope you be feeling better soon. The V-E-T should stop sticking needles in you and figger out wot be wrong instead, I think. (But without the use of alien probes, either.)