Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Saturday Walk

It's been a really exciting day today, Peter came round with Auntie Ann this afternoon and we went to Penbryn in the camper van.

Come on, hurry up the beach is this way.

 Come on Mum, never mind the photies, let's get to that beach down there.
 We're here!
 Come on Peter, let's go paddling in the sea.
 Peter likes digging holes in the sand.
 How far down are you going to dig Peter?
 I found Stonehenge, I thought it would be bigger than this though.
 We found our very own paddling pool.
 Isn't it fantastic.
 We turned round to go back. Isn't Penbryn beach great, it's about 11/2 miles long, if you catch the tide right you can walk all the way to Tresaith, but we've never done that as not only do you have to be careful not to get caught by the tide but there's nasty quicksand which can grab you and suck you in if you's not very careful.
 Look at this, the tide has never been out this far before. you can usually not quite get to the second cave, but today you can go to a whole new beach.
 Look at this rock on the new beach, there's lots more caves too.
 Hey, wait for me.
 I'm the king of the castle!
That was as far as we could go on the new beach, so we turned round to go back again.We went back on the road instead of through the woods, and we were nearly back at the car when I blurped up a load of nasty, salty water. Luckily I was very good and didn't blurp in Auntie Ann's van but when I got home I was very thirsty and kept drinking and blurping big lakes of water all over the floor! She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed was getting very worried and running out of towels to mop it all up and I was still blurping 4 hours later so we phoned the vet and Auntie Joanne took us to see him and he stuck a nasty needle in me to stop me feeling sick and said I mustn't eat or drink anything for 12 hours! He weighed me as well and I weigh 51.7 kilos. I didn't blurp in Auntie Joanne's car either.
Two car rides in one day....WOW aren't I lucky!

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