Monday, 14 December 2009

The Three 'E's (entertainment, excitement and enjoyment unfortunately also ELIMINATION)

We went to Cardiff yesterday, for the B.H.C. agility show at Wenvoe. The alarm went off at 4.00 am as Mark was suposed to be picking me up at 5.30 on his way to milk next door to Beryl who was taking me. Finn was so excited he was sitting at the gate waiting at 5.00. Mark finally arrived at 6.00. Beryl was waiting at the end of her driveway and Finn jumped out of Mark's car and couldn't wait for Beryl to open the door of hers, he was so keen to get in!

There was a fantastic sunrise as we were driving along the motorway. We arrived at Cardiff in plenty of time but we got lost and wasted a lot of time driving round in circles, narrowly escaping death and causing complete mayhem as we changed from lane to lane in an effort to find the right road (I hate Cardiff, every time I go there we get lost!).

We missed walking the course for the first class, but it was quite straightforward and we watched a few people run it before it was our turn. It was so exciting to be at a show again , and we haven't managed any training since our last show, so I can't blame Finn for getting a little bit carried away and jumping off the dog walk halfway down and jumping the wrong jump at the end! The next class was the helter skelter and it might just as well have been a demolition derby! We were eliminated in that one aswell. The last one was better, it was me who messed up in that and got us eliminated again. Finn was going really well and did everything I told him, unfortunaetly I got in the wrong place and pushed him over the wrong jump. But the main thing was he enjoyed himself.

We did a bit of obedience training on the exercise field with other dogs chasing balls all around him and he didn't break his stay and did almost everything I asked him to do, so I was really pleased with him.

We met his neice, Freya, and nephew, Flynn. He doesn't look too impressed does he?

Tansy looks really pleased with herself. She got a clear round, Finn looks a bit embarassed to have been E'd in all his classes, but he says E is for Entertainment, Enjoyment,and Excitement aswel as Elimination.

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Nice to meet you, Finn! Thanks for visiting my blog and I will be sure to visit yours. Love seeing your hikes on the other side of the pond!