Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Three Beaches Walk

Finn has had a pretty boring time just lately what with the weatherbeing so awful, so when we woke up yesterday and IT WASN'T RAINING we decided to go for a looong walk. I packed a flask of soup in the rucksack and headed for Penbryn.
We set off for Aberporth, the tide was in so we couldn't go on the beach there, but there is a pathway along the back of the beach onto the green and from there onto the cliffpath to Tresaith. We cut across the beach at Tresaith and stopped for a cuppa and a bit of stick throwing before making our way round the road to Penbryn as the cliffpath between Tresaith and Penbryn is very steep and slippery after all the rain. I haven't managed to do all of it yet, but I will one day!

Finn found it thirsty work and had a drink from a mini waterfall at the side of the road.

We arrived at Penbryn beach just as it started raining again, but Finn didn't mind and played in the sand while I sat under the cliffs (and my silly hat) and had my lunch.

After lunch we walked along the mile and a half beach before turning for home.

The path goes through woodland which along with the beach (which dogs are only allowed on in the winter) is owned by the National Trust.

Looking down on Penbryn beach from the cliff top

We arrived home halfway through the afternoon. Finn was suposed to be as tired as I was, but he still expected me to play ball all evening!
How do you tire a G.S.D. out?


JD and Max said...

Hi Finn - not raining? Seriously - you have had some not raining moments?!! We feel like it's never going to stop where we are! As you can see from a post we're just about to do.... We loved the photo of you having a drink from the waterfall - great!

Hey - we hope to visit Wales next May or June for a long weekend so we'll let you know when we're visiting as we'd to get a quick meet-up with one of our favourite bloggie doggies if you're up for it!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Blue said...

Roll on next May or June and more not raining moments.
G.S.D. wags and licks, Finn