Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Training Again!

Thanks to a military style operation by my friends Finn managed to get to dog club for some proper agility training yesterday. Mark, on whose land l keep the horses, Imshi and Sara pictured below, milks on the farm next door to Beryl. He took me over to Beryls and then she took us on to training. On the way home we met Mark halfway and he brought us back. Life gets a bit complicated without a car!

Finn was really excited to see all his friends again and it almost made up for not getting to the show on Saturday. The first course we did was a bit mad, but after everyone had had a go we broke it down into exercises and then did the course again at the end which he did much better.

He was a very tired little pooch last night!

Thankyou Mark and Beryl.


Oskar said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Pluto said...

it looks interesting.. you always have lots of fun!!