Sunday, 16 August 2009

Heart of Wales Show

Looking down on the showground

We finally made it to a show this weekend! Beryl and Tansy took us to Builth Wells to the Heart of Wales show. The agility show was part of a game fair, so there wa lots going on. Finn had 3 runs, one agility and 2 jumping. We did the agility first and I didn't get any one to video it because I thought he would be totally MAD. As it turned out I got really choked up walking the course and, considering we haven't done much training and haven't got to any other shows this year, Finn was really good. Of course we got eliminated, but that was my fault for not stopping him going for the A-Frame which was cunningly placed to trap unwary handlers! (He always used to be more interested in tunnels than contact equipment). We got eliminated in the other classes aswell, but he was trying and I was really pleased with him.

Here are the videos of the jumping classes.

(It's probably a good job the photographers forgot to zoom the camera in and you can't see what's happening over the far side properly!)

In between runs we managed to walk around the rest of the show. There was a Husky team talking about Husky racing, I never realised it was so big in this country.

There were ferrets , Finn was totally fascinated by them, the man got one out and while I was stroking it Finn couldn't tak his eyes off it, when it went back in the cage he sat and stared a it ad wouldn't move for ages!

I bought Finn a new collar, I've been looking for one that's a bit different, not too macho and not too woosy, for ages now. It's really difficult finding one that's just rightI thought I'd found one last year but it cost £16.0 and I thought that was a bit much for a strip of leather that will probably get ruined in the sea!

My new collar

There was a Falconry display and a coarse fishing display, lucher racing, a lurcher and terrier show and lots more.

At the end they had a pay on the day fun agility class which we had a go at and we got ALL our contacts! (Finn touched all the yellow bits at the end instead of jumping off halfway down). He was a very tired little pooch by the time we got home!


Pluto said...

You did a fantastic job there..
Tell you some secret... when i saw those agility equipments.. i would turn around and ran away instead of jumping over it ... hahah ..


JD and Max said...

Hey Finn - we think you looked great! At the moment we're just having fun with our agility set in our garden - we probably need to start being a bit more disciplined with it, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.