Saturday, 8 August 2009


Today we had a special treat, we got the 'Cardi Bach' to Penbryn. The Cardi Bach is a special bus which runs during the summer for walkers. It runs from Cardigan to Newquay twice a day and passes the end of our road. It was about 1/2 an hour late so we nearly did something else instead. Finn was so excited to be going to one of his old walks that he hasn't been to for AGES.
Penbryn is owned by the National Trust and dogs aren't allowed on the beach in the summer,(GRRRR from Finn), but there is a walk through the woods behind the car park where the bus dropped us.

We left the car park by some quite steep steps which lead down to a stream and this waterfall, Finn was so excited he rushed up and down the steps and into the water. The walk goes through the woods into a field which overlooks the sea, we could hear everyone enjoying themselves on the beach and the waves breaking on the beach. Finn was rushing on ahead and coming back to say 'Hurry up' and rushing off again. I had visions of him going the wrong way and going on the beach by himself, but he was very good and stayed with me.
They have quite recently made a new section of cliffpath from Tresaith to Penbryn which also goes into this field, we thought about walking back that way, but decided to do it another day.

This is the beach which Finn wanted to go on. I was really pleased with him for not rushing on down there! It is such a big temptation.

We carried on round the woods and back to the carpark, which brings me to my first BIG MOAN. As I said before Finn was very excited and excitement does embarrassing things to his stomach. Yes you've guessed, he had made an embarrassingly sguidgy mess right in the middle of the path quite near the beginning of the walk, which I had picked up and put into a (pink!) plastic poobag as all responsible dog owners are supposed to do, I had carried this bag along with a swarm of attendant flies for almost an hour, when we got back to the cafe in the car park the bin had 'NO DOG POO' written on it,on going in and asking if there was a bin for the aforesaid I was told that there wasn't as the council wouldn't collect it ! I'm afraid there is a pink plastic bag still in the car park as I don't think it would have been accepted on the bus home! I'm all for picking up after your dog and I think dog owners are their own worst enemy when it comes to it, but PLEASE give us somewhere to put it after we've cleared it up.
Anyway we still had another hour to go before the bus home so we went along the cliff path towards LLangrannog. I haven't been this way for years and Finn has never been.

This is as far as we went. Ynys Lochyn is the bit sticking out in the distance. LLangranog is just before it. It was lovely up on the cliff tops. There were lots of yachts out from Tresaith making towards LLangrannog, but we didn't see any dolphin which are quite common in the bay.
On the way back I had my second moan of the day, stiles. Why can't they put dog friendly stiles on footpaths, most of the ones we've come across in Pembroke are. I thought we were going to miss the bus because Finn had trouble getting back across one which was higher one side than the other, luckily he eventually managed it without either hurting himself or going over the cliff.
We did get back in time to catch the bus which drove along our road and dropped us by our front door.

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JD and Max said...

Hi Finn - that looks like a wonderful walk. Our human wants to take us to Wales for a long weekend at some point when we're a bit bigger.

Hey - we're very excited as we've had our first try at agility. It was a small course in our back garden but it was great FUN!!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.