Friday, 31 January 2014

Falling Waters and Rawks.

 Despite the weather we have had a good week this week. We've been to Aberporth beach two times and I have sploshed round the fields between showers. On Thursday though the weather was grey but dry. The tide was right so after we'd fed the horses we got the bus to Patch. 
When we got there the tide was out a really long way much further than usual although there was some waters where there shouldn't be any.
Lucky it was only the garage getting it's feet wet! 
There was a poor broken boat washed up where it shouldn't be as well. 
 Look what I found.
A pink ring thing.  
 Finders keepers.
 You can play with my ring thing but I want it back after.
There were lots of falling waters. This one was bringing loads of mud off the cliff and making the water an orangy brown colour. She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed threw my ring thing on to this rawk and I had to do mountaineering to get it back! 
 More falling waters.
 And some more.
 Falling waters and a cave.
 Some one has made steps in the rawks here.

What a lot of falling waters. 

Look at the patterns on these rawks. 

 I found a narly old bit of wood to sit on before we went home.
We're up on the road here looking down on where we've just been. There's Poppit beach the other side of the river.  
I'm not going another step. I'm waiting in the bus shelter for the bus to take me home! 

On the bus at last. 

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