Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dead Man's Gulch

There was a strange yellow light in the sky this morning and come to think about it the sky was a strange blue colour. What was happening? Is it possible that the SUN was shining?

 She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed put on her grippy sole feet and said 'Come on Finn, we're going for a walk before it starts raining again'.

We set off across the field of sheep at the end of our road. We do this walk nearly every day so I wasn't too excited.

OOOH soak up that sun, it's SOOO good to feel those rays on your furs after all that rain. 
You must be joking Mum, you really want to go down that way? That's not the way we usually go! We'll go slippy slidy into the sea if we go down there.

Action shot of She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed Slipping on that horrible scary path, it's a good job I got you on my leading rope Mum or you would have gone SPLASH into the sea!

Look at those falling waters, they be full up with all the rain we've been having lately.
Then they go to fill the sea up!
We are now deep in Dead Man's Gulch. It be very dark and scary down here, the sun can't get here. I don't like it, this is were I had my big adventure last year when the dolphins came to try to rescue me when I jumped down on the beach ( which is hiding under those waters) and couldn't get back up again.

That's better we're back up in the sun again now. The ground is VERY muddy, even though the sun is shining. It will have to shine a lot to dry up all the mud.
look how muddy my tummy has got.

Here's a stream to wash my furs in and get clean again.

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

You know when it do not rain they turn the falling waters off so mebbe it woz good you had all that rain. Your belleh do look like mine after I has walked in mud. Mom always say I need mud flaps like trucks has coz she has nefur seen a dog kick up so much mud in her furs as me. Now you too so it must be a shepherd thing.